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Dave Kasnick (aka: DazKaz)

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My beginnings...

I've been into art in one form or another all my life. Mostly a pencil sketch artist when young, I've dabbled in paints briefly in my teens. My interest turned to photography about then as well.

My first camera, a 35MM Praktika (sorry I forget the model) was such an old manually operated piece of equipment it forced me to adjust almost everything before I took the shot.  I couldn't do much "on the fly" but experience is experience. Unfortunately the cost of film and development got to be too expensive for me, a young out of work teen, who liked to try different photographic techniques. So my photography was shelved for a while.

Fast forward to the digital age...
When my children were young we purchased a computer that actually came with a little point and shoot camera. What a simple and efficient device.

This meant no more film development! Hooray!

After some smaller upgrades in point and shoots, I was  given a Nikon D3000 for Christmas. Since then I've slowly added to my lens collection as well as editing software. I now photograph just about anything I can, and edit in many different ways. I think I've finally combined my artistic talents of drawing, painting and photography all into one.